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Aditya Birla Capital Limited (ABCL), is one of India’s largest diversified financial conglomerate. With AuM of more than Rs 3000 billion and consolidated lending book of over Rs 630 billion, ABCL is among India’s Top 5 asset managers and diversified non-bank lenders. ABCL houses one of the fastest growing life and health insurers in India and has presence across general insurance, securities and commodity broking, wealth management and distressed asset investment. A significant player in digital financial services, ABCL clocks over 30,000 online transactions daily.

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E2E 'Virtual Business Partner' services to distributors (e.g. agents, brokers, dealers, POSPs, etc.) for lead management, product recommendation, on-boarding and training, post-sales service, etc.
Solutions that engage with customers to improve their health outcome e.g. smart monitoring of diseases and lifestyle issues, incentivizes healthy lifestyle, offers access to wellness providers.
Self learning 'virtual recruiter' for frontline sales with high hiring and retention effectiveness based on right profile selection, behavioural assessment, success prediction models and curated induction design.
AI based enhanced digital underwriting solutions in life / health insurance to increase unassisted processing by utilizing data from varied sources e.g. application, devices, social media etc.
AI/Blockchain enabled solutions to validate claims, detect discrepancies / frauds, and make claim settlement process accurate and real-time across value chain partners.
AI/OCR driven solutions to digitise claims reporting and detect discrepancies / fraud, etc.

AI/OCR driven platforms integrating digitised data transfer across payor and health provider networks (hospitals, pharmacies, etc.) to help standardise treatment costs and expedite claims adjudication.


E2E digital broking platform to assist customers across investment journey (risk profiling, onboarding, compliance, portfolio recommendation, monitoring and servicing).
Digital KYC platform allowing customers to conclude investment journey real-time ensuring compliance and record verification.
AI powered Robo-advisor which understands customers' risk profile & financial needs, provides them with instant servicing and a real-life 24x7 dealer experience etc for investment needs.


Scalable segment specific digital lending solutions: e.g. supply chain finance solutions enabling on-boarding of corporate/SME anchors and their supply chain partners, real-time underwriting and monitoring.
Solutions for unassisted customer acquisition through integration of partner and internal ecosystems (CRM, LOS).

Solutions for intelligent credit underwriting by utilizing various data sources (e.g. financial, social, mobile, GPS, etc.).
Intelligent solution to track customer's credit profile using multiple data sources (e.g. financial, social, mobile, GPS, etc.), identify symptoms of default at an early stage and notify pre-emptive measures.


Solutions that create 'one customer view' using financial and transactional data across our different businesses while adhering to compliance.

Solutions that enrich and augment customer profile via social media data.

Solutions that recommend / personalize comprehensive financial solutions for customers through smart algorithms.
Solutions that leverage AI/ML to enhance offline sales productivity through improved customer relationship management.

Solutions that perform voice and sentiment analysis to improve online / tele-sales conversion.

Solutions that provide hand-held compatible application suite to support activity management, performance tracking and remote training.
'Self service e2e 'Virtual finance office' for micro / small enterprises offering interface for financial product purchase, investment / treasury management deck and self-help 'virtual CFO suite' (e.g. MIS, claims, payments, queries, reporting, tax calculators, etc.)
AI based solutions that offer 'Recruitment tech' to enhance hiring effectiveness and talent retention using behavioural assessment, success prediction, etc.

AI based solutions that offer 'Virtual Counselling' for career and stress management.

AI based solutions that offer 'Virtual Coaching' to offer personalized training.

AI based solutions that offer engagement analytics to predict attrition and performance potential via sentiment analysis, performance patterns, leave trends, etc.
Intelligent digital infrastructure solutions offering cloud infra management like legacy and hybrid cloud integrations, performance monitoring, vulnerability management and defence mechanism, etc.

Intelligent digital infrastructure solutions offering cloud enabled cyber security suite to predict, detect and auto respond to data and network related threats.