Aditya Birla Bizlabs is a platform that enables innovative startups to get market access and new customers to rapidly scale up by leveraging the Aditya Birla Group’s global reach and business expertise. Over the years, Aditya Birla Bizlabs has enabled partnership of over 20 startups with multiple businesses such as the Aditya Birla Group’s Retail, Financial Services, and Mobility businesses. Aditya Birla Bizlabs also collaborates with the global startup ecosystem, while expanding its scope to include other industries in which the Aditya Birla Group operates.


Startups, students, venture capitals and incubators can apply for this programme. To apply, you need to have:

  • An existing product or solution
  • A commercial proof of concept
  • A differentiated value-proposition
  • A passionate team


To get a chance for:

  • Pilot opportunity to fine-tune proposition at commercial scale
  • Scale-up business offering via access to the large customer base
  • Benefit from deep industry expertise of business teams
  • Potential investment opportunity


Yes, participating startups may have the opportunity of working with multiple businesses.



Finalists will be evaluated for an investment opportunity. In addition, startups will also get to interact with representatives from external venture capital funds.


No, BizLabs by Aditya Birla Capital will not take any equity for collaborating with startups. Only in the case of an investment will equity be considered.


We would encourage you to share non-confidential information. For further clarity on treatment of information furnished by you in your applications, please read the Terms and Conditions (provide link here) before submitting your Application.


BizLabs by Aditya Birla Group is not an accelerator or an incubator. It is also not a venture capital firm. It is a platform that is differentiated with the objective to provide startups with:

  • Aditya Birla Group’s diversified businesses presence gives startups a platform to test concepts at a commercial scale
  • Throughout the process the startups will get opportunity to interact with industry experts and gain valuable advice
  • Through the process our business teams will not only evaluate but also co-create the pilot plan thus helping the startups build an on-ground sense of business priorities at scale


BizLabs by Aditya Birla Group business/businesses is open to startups from across the world. Global companies could look for an opportunity to gain market access and customers in India as well as other geographies in which the Group operates. However, the proposition for Aditya Birla Group business/businesses needs to be applicable to Indian market. We will facilitate discussions of shortlisted international companies with our teams to ensure a smooth engagement prior to any travel to India. Before submitting an application, please read the terms and conditions of the BizLabs by Aditya Birla Group business/businesses carefully. While accepting an application from you, we presume that you have the requisite approvals from government or other authorities.


Yes, all startups are encouraged to apply.

Presenting a business plan is advisable as it might be useful to highlight the potential customer/user base and the economics of the business over time.

Please visit our website for important dates for the various initiatives.


Yes, we require all teams to be present in person.


The evaluation parameters could be broadly based on proof of concept, scalability and applicability to ABG business priority. Post the BizCXO Day, the business teams will work with startups to arrive at the pilot plan. Key success parameters of the pilot will be formulated in discussion with the shortlisted startups in due course.


Yes, you must be 18 years of age or above to ensure you are eligible to engage in legal contracts.


Companies finally selected will enter into a mutually agreed contract with the ABG Business/Businesses, setting out the commercial terms.

  • Additionally, your online application requires you to accept Terms and Conditions of BizLabs by ABG Business/Businesses. Further, to protect the information which you will share please accept the Terms and Conditions.
  • Applicants unconditionally agree that no announcements shall be made of the fact that we are analysing particulars of any application.
  • Additionally, the fact that the ABG Business/Businesses, acting directly or through its Affiliates and Associates, is analyzing the application should not be commercially exploited by the Applicant in any manner.
  • The Application will not impact any existing or future program which may be similar to the program contained in the Application.


We suggest you only share non-confidential information. You will retain ownership of all protected IP included in your application. However, any IP developed in the course of pilot shall be on joint ownership basis.